A Different Testimony in Our City

I long for our church to live out a different testimony here within Xiamen: to follow the command of Christ, to live with a missional mindset, to sincerely care for others—for their lives, but most of all for their relationships with God. I long for the lives of believers to be focused not on attaining houses and money. Instead, may we live with true assurance and eternal hope in the midst of the hardships we face. May the gospel be our way of life, and may we view all things with a holistic, biblical worldview. I hope that the sinners of this city will sense the love and acceptance of the church. I hope that the intellectuals of this city will receive the answers for which they long and that they will be challenged by the truth. I hope that people of all ages and all walks of life will receive, in the church, the care and the help they need—and this includes the government workers who are persecuting the church.

Sharing Your Faith Is Joy

Wang accepted Jesus because our God is mighty to save. Wang heard the good news of Jesus because he encountered a follower of Jesus, and followers of Jesus share their faith. Followers of Jesus aren’t called to wait until they’re properly trained, they aren’t told to wait until they feel comfortable sharing their faith, they don’t wait until they have a theological degree or until they’ve memorized a gospel presentation in Chinese. As followers of Jesus, we have been blessed so that we will be a blessing to others.