What I Have Learned from China About Loving My City

Like most Americans, the last year and a half has left my soul disheartened. As a mother, I worry for the state of the world my small children will inherit; as a citizen, I am concerned with the dissension of society; as a person from the rural Deep South who now lives outside of Los Angeles, I despair at the mutual polarization and lack of recognition of our common humanity.

Yet God has not forgotten his people or plan. I am convinced of this because I see it in Scripture, but also because I work with the Chinese house church. Every day, I am reminded that God will triumph, though men and angels stand against them. This month, members and leaders of urban Chinese churches have shared with us about how they live in and love their cities—even when some of these very believers have been thrown in jail for doing so.

I can think of no better reminder of what loving God and one’s neighbor looks like than their example.