Missions and Leadership Development

One has to seriously reflect on what the Lord is teaching his church about developing local leaders through the conditions of the pandemic. The task of global outreach no longer falls on the shoulders of missionaries from traditional sending nations in the West, nor does it fall on the shoulders of the “younger churches” of nations like South Korea. As the global community of churches envisions the future of missions and missionaries, wise agencies ought to begin to wrestle with the implications of the growing number of Christians in the global South and East. These changes should be reflected in policies and strategies within mission agencies.

How Sharing the Gospel in China Impacted My Attitude Toward Evangelism

During the course of our three-hour hike, the Holy Spirit revealed himself to me in one of the most powerful spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. I saw the Spirit transcend culture. I saw him laugh at language barriers. I saw him exalted as Lord, Creator and Savior of people from every tribe, tongue, and nation. The LORD is one. He has called us, with one Spirit, into one body, saved us by one Lord through one faith, and we share in his one baptism to the glory of our one God and Father of all.

There’s a promise in that incredible truth, and there is also a missional call. God will save people from every corner of the earth, and his chosen means of accomplishing this is through his body. Through you, believer in Christ.