A Religious Defense: They Compare the True God with False Gods

Throughout this experience, I have pleaded our case with police officers, officials, and even my fellow inmates. To them, our words do not count; our voices are not important enough to be heard; and even our proclamation of God’s word is nothing but a lie. Christ, on the cross, was long ago presumed guilty by the world. All those who do not believe in Christ participated in this crime with their prejudices. Who can understand that the innocent was condemned in order that we, the guilty, might be forgiven and justified by faith?

Contemporary Issues for Chinese Women

On the outside China seems like any other modern country…But underneath the veneer of modernity and high-tech gadgets, the government still wields incredible control over individuals’ lives. In this big brother type of surveillance state it is risky to be a Christian. It is well known that in recent years, persecution against any group that is deemed a threat to the government has been systematically targeted and been subject to a major crackdown—Buddhists, Uyghurs, and Christians. This fact is felt acutely by the locals. The difference between us in the West and them is this persecution is normal and they have always found ways to remain faithful and thrive.