Praying for International Students: A Season for Deep Relationships

As believers, we are under the rule of a good and perfect King who stands ready to welcome them international students into his glorious kingdom. The way we interact with Chinese students and scholars may look different, but our responsibility and privilege to invite them to follow Jesus remains.

Praying for International Students: Welcoming Students During a Pandemic

The Church has an opportunity to shine with the hope of Jesus Christ in the darkness of this global pandemic. While we may not have as many students coming this academic year, we still have many international students from all over the world in our communities. They are looking for hope, for fellowship, for relationships, and for rest.

Seeking for Eternal Life, Part 1: “A Series of Separations”

When my mom and dad came to get me after two years, they were like strangers to me. I didn’t know them and called them “uncle” and “auntie.” I still remember leaving on the train with them. I was really excited in the daytime, but when night came, I said, “I want to go home.” Gradually I realized I was not going to go home; the train just kept going.