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This week we continue praying through China’s major cities with Lanzhou. Lanzhou is the capitol city of Gansu Province and one of the few major cities is Northwest China. Historically, the city was significant for the Northern Silk Road, and was at times controlled by the Tibetans and Mongols. For a period of Chinese history, Lanzhou was a significant center of Buddhist study. It is also home to many of Gansu’s large Muslim communities.

Today Lanzhou is home to 3 million people across its broader metropolitan area, making it one of China’s smaller major cities. Lanzhou is heavily industrialized and as such as struggled significantly with air pollution. At one point it was ranked as the worst city in the world for air quality, though it has been working hard to improve conditions.

As you take time this week to pray for Lanzhou, consider joining us to pray at 10:02am every morning!

How to pray:

 Along with many other Chinese cities, Lanzhou faces many demographic challenges. As people continue to move to the area in search of work and economic opportunity, the city continues to grow more crowded and social services are increasingly stressed. Pray for good city planning and wise management.

 Pray for the physical reality of Lanzhou. Pray for the pollution to be addressed with sound solutions. Pray for the health of the population and for good healthcare.

 Pray for Lanzhou’s government. Pray for wise men and women to lead the city in righteousness. Pray for peace and stability.

 Pray for Lanzhou’s educational institutions and its student populations.

 Pray for the wealthy in Lanzhou to show mercy and charity in order to use their wealth for the good of the city. Pray for protection for the poor in Lanzhou and for their identities as bearers of God’s image to be recognized. Pray for the middle class in Lanzhou to be just and righteous in the callings God has given to them.

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 Pray for the families of Lanzhou. Pray for men and women to be faithful and loving in their marriages. Pray for children to honor their parents and for parents to wisely guide their children. Pray against a rising divorce rate in China. Pray for single men and women who are desperate to find spouses in a culture that puts great emphasis on marriage.

 Pray for the church in Lanzhou. Pray for the church to love the city and seek its good. Pray for the church to be bold in serving its neighbors and in proclaiming the good news of Jesus. Pray for unity among the brothers and sisters; for doctrinal soundness and protection against cults; and for wise servant-leaders among the pastorate.

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