1 Way to Pray for China

A recent report from the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy shares that two of China’s most prestigious universities have broken into the top 100 universities in world rankings. Focusing particularly on the sciences, the Shanghai Ranking put Tsinghua University in 58th and Peking University in 71st. As Chinese intellectuals and universities continue to develop their presence on the world stage, pray this week for the gospel to impact and shape higher learning in China.

How to pray:

– Pray for the gospel to impact the heart of Chinese academia and learning. Pray for the very foundations of thought to be transformed and for China to become an intellectual leader in glorifying the Creator.

– Pray for Christians to engage this area of the culture, rather than withdrawing from it in fear. Pray for professors and researchers who are deeply committed to applying their faith to their work. Pray they would be creative and wise, seeking all truth as God’s truth and understanding that all callings, not just ministry, honor God and are blessed by him.

– Pray against the idols of success and power that lurk in all academic pursuits. Praise God for blessing China’s universities in recent years, but pray that they will not be idolized or seen as the answer to China’s problems. Pray that they will be seen as God’s gifts to China and that they will be appropriately stewarded as such.

– Pray that China’s universities will be a blessing to the country. Pray for administrators, teachers, professors, and researchers to seek to serve through their knowledge, rather than seeking glory for themselves.


Chinese universities break into top 100 global index for first time

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