1 Way to Pray for China this Week

At the beginning of May an estimated 1,000 teachers protested in front of government buildings in Hunan province. They accused the government of failing to pay to their full wages over a twenty-year period, and complained that the government had used the money for other projects. Riot police were dispatched and scuffles broke out between the police and protestors. Thankfully, no one was injured. Pray this week for teachers in China and for government financial accountability.

How to pray:

 Pray that the protestors will not receive any adverse repercussions from participating, but will be able to continue in their jobs securely.

 Pray for teachers in Hunan and across China to receive their proper wages. Pray for school administrators and officials to be good stewards of resources and to advocate for their teachers to Chinese government leaders.

 Pray for financial integrity in China’s school systems. Pray that money allotted for poorer schools will reach those schools – pray against embezzlement and mismanagement. Pray that wealthy schools will use their money wisely and for the common good.

 Pray for education in China to honor God. Pray for Christians to develop a strong presence in China’s schools and to find creative and impactful ways to point towards Christ. Pray for those creating China’s educational curriculum to seek truth and to inspire China’s students to do the same.


 Riot police deployed as teachers in central China stage protest over unpaid wages

 Riot Police Deployed as Hunan Teachers Protest

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