1 Way to Pray for China this Week

This week we continue praying through China’s major cities with Hong Kong. The city is home to 7 million residents and is a financial center of the Asia Pacific region. A former symbol of British colonial rule, Hong Kong’s political and social identity has a complicated history. From its ethnic and linguistic diversity to the juxtaposition of poverty with extreme wealth, the legacy of both British and Chinese involvement in Hong Kong is easily visible. The situation of the church is also similarly complex – though it has experienced the freedom and openness withheld from its Mainland brothers and sisters, many worry for the overall health of the church in Hong Kong, particularly concerning issues of cultural Christianity and theological soundness.

There are many wonderful visual resources to help you discover Hong Kong and some are listed below. Make sure to check out the links and then pray through the points listed. Consider joining us at pray at 10:02am every morning!

How to pray:

       Hong Kong has long been one of the most crowded cities in Asia, as well as one of the most expensive. These issues have become more exasperated in recent decades with the influx of Mainland Chinese searching for work. Pray particularly for equitable housing solutions for the poor as they are increasingly confined to smaller and more densely populated living conditions.

       Pray for the wealthy in Hong Kong to show mercy and charity and to use their wealth for the good of the city. Pray for protection for the poor and for their identities as bearers of God’s image to be recognized. Pray for the middle class in Hong Kong to be just and righteous in the callings God has given them.

       Pray for the many foreigners who live in Hong Kong. Pray for those from the West, who tend to be wealthy, to shift from viewing Hong Kong as a resource for their own benefit to seeking the good of the city. Pray for the many domestic workers from poorer Asian countries who flock to Hong Kong for work. Mostly women, this group is often abused and taken advantage of.

       Pray for Hong Kong’s government and for its political issues. Pray for wise men and women to lead the city in righteousness. Pray for peace and stability as the city continues to figure out its relationship to Mainland China.

       Pray for Hong Kong’s educational institutions and its student populations. In recent years, students in the city have become increasingly politically restless. Pray for students to be faithful to their convictions, but wise beyond their years in addressing them.

       Pray for the families of Hong Kong. Pray for men and women to be faithful and loving in their marriages. Pray for children to honor their parents and for parents to wisely guide their children. Pray for single men and women navigating a city with high work demands and pressures in a culture that puts great emphasis on marriage.

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       Pray for the church. Pray for revival among the churches of Hong Kong and for second and third generation Christians to be awakened. Pray for the church to love the city and seek its good. Pray for the church to be bold in serving its neighbors and in proclaiming the good news of Jesus. Pray for theological soundness and for unity among the brothers and sisters.


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