1 Way to Pray for China this Week

At the end of 2015, China passed its first national legislation on domestic abuse. After decades of efforts to bring light to the matter, many feel hopeful that this new legislation will be a powerful tool for those working to protect the vulnerable. Domestic abuse has long been a sensitive topic in China – until 2001, it was not legally recognized as a cause for divorce. In recent years more attention has been brought to the matter and the long-standing expectation that abuse is a private family matter to be dealt with quietly. The new legislation came into force on March 1st.

How to pray:

       Praise God for those who worked for the creation and implementation of this law. Praise God for his common grace on China whenever good laws are put into place.

       Pray for this law to be implemented with equity and justice. Pray that it will not be corrupted, but that honest men and women will faithfully carry it out. Pray that authorities will continue to rethink and revise the law where necessary in order to continually improve it.

       Pray for China’s legal system. Pray for Christians to faithfully and untiringly seek the good of those around them.

       Pray for those suffering from domestic abuse. Pray for justice, healing, and safety. Pray for abusers to repent and seek forgiveness, and to find healing in their own right.

       Pray for the church to be equipped in addressing domestic abuse. Pray for wise men and women who can serve as counselors and social workers. Pray for openness in discussing the matter so that the light of the gospel may shine brightly in places where abuse has occurred.


       China finally has a law prohibiting domestic violence

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       New legislation outlaws domestic abuse

       China’s domestic violence law is a victory for feminists. But they say it doesn’t go far enough.” 

–    “Abuse, Fear and Shame in China

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