1 Way to Pray for China This Week

This week we start praying through China’s major cities. Every month, we will feature one or two cities to pray for during the week. First up, pray for Wuhan. Located in the heart of China, this metropolis is slated to be developed into a world-class city on par with New York and Tokyo. Throughout its long history, Wuhan has witnessed many tragedies from flooding to war. It has also been home to many literary, artistic, and intellectual luminaries, and was the site for Mao’s dramatic swim across the Yangtze River.

Make sure to read about Wuhan in the suggested articles before praying through the points listed. Maybe even consider doing a “virtual prayer walk” using the YouTube video posted!

How to pray:

       Pray for Wuhan’s development. Along with many of China’s cities, Wuhan is being rapidly developed. Pray for equity and justice throughout the process and for protection for the poor. Pray for the migrant workers who have come to Wuhan for construction jobs. Pray against corruption as resources are poured into the region.

       Pray for Wuhan’s government. Pray for wise men and women to lead the city in righteousness. Pray for peace and stability.

       Pray for Wuhan’s educational institutions. Home to major universities and countless school systems, pray for truth to be sought and found.

       Pray for the physical reality of Wuhan. Pray for the pollution to be addressed with sound solutions. Pray for the health of the population and for good healthcare. Pray for the transportation issues that face growing Chinese cities.

       Pray for the families of Wuhan. Pray for men and women to be faithful and loving in their marriages. Pray for children to honor their parents and for parents to wisely guide their children. Pray against a rising divorce rate in China. Pray for single men and women who are desperate to find spouses in a culture that puts great emphasis on marriage.

       Pray for the church in Wuhan. Pray for the church to love the city and seek its good. Pray for the church to be bold in serving its neighbors and in proclaiming the good news of Jesus. Pray for unity among the brothers and sisters; for doctrinal soundness and protection against cults; and for wise servant-leaders among the pastorate.

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      Welcome to Wuhan – a photographic tour of a historic Chinese city

      Wuhan Wikipedia

      Why to Go to Wuhan: Ten Attractions in China’s Mammoth Central City 

      Wuhan City website

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